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India – the Land of Leagues, where sports reign supreme and brands bask in the limelight. Brands pour heavy investments into leagues through ads and sponsorships. But, will your investments yield justified returns on brand awareness? Will your brand achieve the recall and positive impact it deserves? How will you measure the direct correlation between your campaign efforts and sales uplift? Are you effectively leveraging your marketing channels to maximize brand exposure and engagement within the league audience? The Brands Insights Study is the answer to all. It provides actionable insights to help your brand seize the spotlight.

IPL Brands Insights Study

Unarguably the biggest & the most glamourous sports league in India currently, IPL is not just a game but a battle of the best! And it’s not just the teams who compete. Amidst this frenzy, countless brands amp up their advertising games, vying for that attention from their audience. But is your brand making that mark & achieving the maximum ROI? Find this out and a lot more crucial IPL marketing insights through our Study. Revolutionize your IPL marketing strategies & rule the arena with your impeccable ads.

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WPL Brands Insights Study

With the ever-increasing glitz & popularity of WPL, brands should be preparing to make a lasting impression through their campaigns. With high stakes, ROI is of utmost importance. As a marketer, are you worried if your investments are justified or if your brand is getting the recall & positive impact it deserves? Don’t lose sleep over uncertainties! With our Study, monitor your WPL campaign’s performance & measure the ad effectiveness to boost your brand’s impact on the WPL audience.

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ISL Brands Insights Study

Just as a striker targets the goal, aim to connect your brand with over 130 million football fans worldwide. But just like in a tough match, challenges pop up—breaking through the noise, finding the right audience, and getting your ad strategy just right. Our ISL Brands Insights Study is the coach to help your brand take control of the marketing game. Dive into who’s watching, how well they remember you, and even check if your ads boost sales. 

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PKL Brands Insights Study

Pro Kabaddi, the second most loved league in India after IPL, is a big deal for brands to connect over diverse audiences across regions. In Kabaddi, being quick is better than being strong. It’s like in marketing, where using data smartly matters more than spending lots of money. Our Study helps you to measure your ad-effectiveness & the extent of their impact, so you can make precise moves. Wondering if your ads are doing their job?

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PVL Brands Insights Study

The Prime Volleyball League is set to establish itself as a leading sports league in India. In season two, the TV viewership hit 206 Mn. This rapid growth rate makes it a prime spot for brand engagement. However, measuring the impact of advertising across platforms can be tricky. The PVL Brands Insights Study helps brands analyze viewership trends, brand recall, sponsorship ROI, and more. Want to spike your brand game with PVL? 

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UTT Brands Insights Study

Ultimate Table Tennis provides an exciting platform for brands seeking exposure and engagement with a diverse audience of sports enthusiasts. However, understanding the marketing dynamics, including fan engagement, brand perceptions, and effective activation strategies remains a challenge for brands. Through UTT Brands Insights Study, get in-depth analyses to equip your marketing strategies with actionable insights to maximize returns. 

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T20 World Cup 2024 Study

Assess the effectiveness of an ad campaign for the T20 World Cup 2024, covering Brand Awareness, Audience Engagement, the Impact of the Campaign on Sales, Brand Perception, ROI, Jersey analysis, Loyalty Analysis, and Social Media Impact, among other metrics that can help your brand get the attention and customer patronage it needs. Analyze your campaigns in detail and assess the effectiveness of the T20 World Cup ad campaign to make informed marketing decisions.

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Key Analyses Covered

Collecting Insights for You. Maximizing Opportunities for You
Comparative analysis of IPL brand performance across various metrics.

Popularity Analysis

Identify emerging trends and audience preferences to capitalize the opportunity.

Profiles of different brand personas and their relevance in the IPL context - Markelytics

Brand Placements

Assess the strategic placement of your brand to optimize brand visibility & exposure.

Impact scores of various brands and campaigns in the IPL - Markelytics

Campaign Impact on Sales

Evaluate the correlation between your marketing efforts & sales performance.

Return on investment analysis for marketing campaigns in the IPL - Markelytics

ROI Of Campaign

Quantify the ROI of marketing activities to optimize resource allocation & maximize profits.

Trends in viewership for the IPL over time - Markelytics

Viewership Trend

Gain insights into the viewing patterns & preferences across platforms & channels.

Measurement of brand recall and recognition within the IPL audience - Markelytics

Brand Recall

Measure your campaign's success in ensuring a lasting recall among target audiences.

Insights into fan loyalty and engagement with IPL teams and brands - Markelytics

Loyalty Analysis

Understand the fan loyalty towards the teams and players for better resonance.

Analysis of media coverage and its influence on the IPL brand landscape - Markelytics

Sponsorship Analysis

Evaluate the impact of sponsorship engagements to inform future partnerships.

Crafting a compelling sports marketing strategy begins with understanding the field. Be proactive with data-driven insights & trends. Our Brands Insights Studies provide the panoramic view your brand needs to dominate the game. Ready to dominate?


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