Score Big: From Boundaries to Branding

Go beyond the scoreboard! From ad spend trends to sponsorship success; from cricket pitches to your brand pitches, uncover crucial insights to make a lasting impact on your IPL campaigns through our compiled collection of 5 years’ syndicated study.

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    Cerebrate before Celebrate

    Following our legacy of providing IPL insights, we are presenting you with IPL Brands Insights Chronicles – a meticulously curated compilation, offering a comprehensive analysis of branding strategies & trends that shaped sponsorship/advertising during the past 5 IPL seasons.

    Disclaimer: Books developed under Velocity MR – erstwhile the full-service arm of Markelytics, for the years 2019-2022

    Stumped for IPL Strategies?

    Hit the ball out of the park this year! Unveiling insights straight from the crease

    Chronicle Chime

    Understand the research methodology & limitations of the study

    Money Magnets

    An overview of all types of sponsors across 5 years

    Cynosure Clashes

    An overview of the matches & teams that drew attention & support

    Match Mania

    A detailed analysis of the media, platform, venue, & companion to watch IPL

    Digital Digest

    Understand brand valuation of teams, their fan following, & the boundaries

    Recall Reconnaissance

    Insights into the brand recall for sponsors – team & season-wise

    Association Arithmetic

    Insights into the brands' success in sponsoring awards

    Important Facts about IPL 2024

    Track key factors important for IPL 2024 sponsors’

    Analysis Snapshots in Focus

    From Duck to Century

    Planning to sponsor/advertise in IPL 2024?

    We have some extremely important insider information that might come very handy to you in shaping your strategies for IPL 2024. Want to know more? Request book or instead we have another brilliant solution!

    Subscribe to IPL Brands Insights Study 2024 that offers a nuanced understanding of your target audience. Gain real-time insights to optimize your ad performance and strategically position your brand both on and off the field during IPL.

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